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Que hacer ... para personas que quieren cambiar el mundo

(no solo hablar de ello)


PC = PermaCultura





  • Reclaim hopefulness
  • Reclaim power. Decide to have big lives with integrity.
  • Examine whether your intentions/goals are transformative/revolutionary in nature.
  • Increase our understanding of the world situation (politics, economics, people’s situations, oppression, education)
  • Reclaim physical well-being





  • Strengthen our ability to assist people to discharge on oppression, nationalism, their nation’s history, and fear — especially fears leading to patterns of powerlessness, greed, and attitudes of inferiority/superiority.
  • Build strong PC communities that are welcoming to activists.
  • Enable honest communication among and between all segments of the PC community



In the wider world and PC


  • Give priority to organizing, developing, and supporting leadership (especially the leadership of young people and young adults around care of the environment, ending war, and eliminating racism.
  • Increase people’s understanding that the survival of our species requires a transformation of the existing class system.
  • Take principled stands in our organizations and institutions and communicate our full program, helping people move from reform agendas to radical ones
  • Learn how to fight and involve ourselves in political struggles
  • Bring our theory/practice to activists and activist organizations
  • Start a “good ideas” association and media instrument
  • Communicate widely the need for societal transformation based on four principles.

- Preservation and restoration of the natural environment

- End of war

- Ending racism and all ideologies/practices of superiority

- Equal sharing of the world’s resources









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